Practice for
Non-Industrial Robotics

AATB explores the idea of Non-Industrial Robotics: The studio is experimenting with industrial robotic systems such as robotic arms and industrial automation processes. It develops works engaging with Human-Machine Interactions through the lens of kinetic and interactive situations. Since 2020, the studio operates a Motion Control service for the film industry: Superposition.

AATB was founded by Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet. Andrea Anner was born in Zurich, Switzerland, graduated from ECAL in 2012 with a MA in Art Direction: Type Design, and in 2008 from ZHDK with a BA in Visual Communication. Thibault Brevet was born in Lyon, France, graduated from ECAL in 2015 with a MA in Visual Arts and in 2012 with a BA in Graphic Design.


We are welcoming interns to our Marseille and Zurich studios for a period of 3 to 6 months. Send your portfolio and cover letter to

N O M I N A T I O N S / A W A R D S / G R A N T S

Swiss Design Awards, 2021, Awarded
Hochparterre, die Besten in Design, 2021, Nominated
Pro Helvetia, Preproduction Grant for Supercontrol, 2021, Awarded
Swiss Design Awards, 2020, Nominated (no awards distributed) 
Pro Helvetia, Preproduction Grant for Phasma, 2019, Awarded
Hublot Design Prize (TB), 2018, Nominated
Design Preis Schweiz (TB x MuDA), 2017, Awarded
Design Museum’s Designs of the Year (TB), 2014, Nominated
ICON Furniture Design of the Year (TB), 2014, Nominated
Swiss Design Awards (TB), 2013, Nominated


Unfold X, Shaping the Future, Seoul, KR
City of Media Arts, ZKM / Triangel Space, Karlsruhe, DE 
BioMedia, ZKM / EnBW, Karlsruhe, DE 
Museumsnacht, HEK, Basel, CH
Planet Digital, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, CH
Planet Digital, Universität Zürich, CH
Planet Digital, Toni Areal, Zürich, CH
Planet Digital, Universität Zürich, Irchel, CH
Design without Border, Budapest, HU
DHBW, Ravensburg, DE

Milan Design Week, IT
Swiss Design Awards, Basel, CH
APS Museum, Stained Glass, Shanghai, CN
The Inlet, Urban Adventures, Shanghai, CH
Design Biennale Zürich, CH
U-joints, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, CH
Centre d’innovation et de Design, Grand Hornu, Hornu, BE
Spielact Festival, Geneva, CH

Refresh Festival, ZHDK, Zurich, CH
Swissnex Boston, US (online)
SF Design Week, San Francisco, US (online)
GIFF, Geneva International Film Festival, Geneva, CH (cancelled)
Retune, Berlin, DE (cancelled) 
Wanted Design, New York, US (cancelled) 
Swiss Design Awards, Basel, CH (cancelled)
Milan Design Week, IT (cancelled)
Shenzen Design Week, CN (cancelled)
World Economic Forum Davos, CH
ChangeNow, Paris, FR
Paréidolie, Marseille, FR

Hong Kong International Literary Festival, HK
Weltformat, Luzern, CH
V&A, Dundee, UK
Ars Electronica, Linz, AT
Design Switzerland in Milano, Milan Design Week, IT
Bienal de Arte Contemporanea de Maia, PT
Meta-Marathon, Düsseldorf, DE

Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, TK
Texel, with Lucas Uhlman, Sattelkammer, Bern
U-joints, Milan Design Week, Milan, IT


Connect at Cern, 2022
Autodesk Technology Center Resident, since 2021
Pro Helvetia, Design Accelerator, San Francisco, USA, 2020
Designer in Residence, Atelier Luma, Luma Foundation, Arles, FR, since 2018

T E A C H I N G / W O R K S H O P S

ECAL, Lausanne, CH
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL
Camondo Mediteranée, Toulon, FR, online

HGKZ, Zürich, CH
Fablab Torino, IT
HEAD, Geneva, CH (online)
Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG), DE, online
Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts, DE online
Camondo Méditerranée, Toulon, FR online

Obsolete, Marseille, FR
FHNK, Basel, CH online
Burg Halle, DE online
Refresh Festival, ZHDK, Zurich, CH
ECAL, BA Interaction Design, CH
ECV Bordeaux, MA Interaction Design, FR
Camondo Méditerranée, Toulon, FR

Supsi, BA Visual Communication, CH
ECAL, BA Interaction Design, CH
Reijkaviik Academy of the Arts, BA Graphic Design, IS
Reijkaviik Academy of the Arts, BA Product Design, IS
Beaux-Arts de Marseille, BA Design, FR
ECAL, MA Photography, CH
Camondo Méditerranée, Toulon, FR

Design Acadelmy Eindhoven, MA Information Design, NL
Process Festival, Dortmund, DE
Design Acadelmy Eindhoven, MA Social Design, NL
Design Academy Eindhoven, MA Contextual Design, NL
Design Academy Eindhoven, MA Social Design, NL
Luma Nights, Luma Arles, FR
Reijkaviik Academy of the Arts, IS

ECAL, MA Type Design, CH
ECAL, BA Interaction Design, CH
ECAL, MA Photography, CH

Arts meets Robotics (Podcast)

Hochparterre: “Ein Roboter ist wie ein komplizierter Hammer”
étapes magazine, 261: “Robots pour tous”
Archipelago Architectures: “Please do not feed the robots”
Arts at Cern: Connect
Design Biennale Zürich: “Rooting”
Schweizer Kulturpreise: “AATB Rooting”

It’s nice that, Ones to watch 2020: “Everything’s an experiment, everything’s a prototype”: How AATB created a practice for non-industrial robots”
Cybernetic Forests: “Design + Robots, An Interview with AATB”
Schweizer Kulturpreise: “AATB Phasma”

Ars Electronica: “Out of the Box”
Universal Robots Blog: “Counter Productive Robotics: Artists use UR10 Robot to Accomplish the Impossible”
Muse Magazine: “AATB – Non-Industrial Robotics”
It’s nice that: “Is robotics set to be the next creative trend for artists and designers?”
Début Magazine
Amalgam Magazine
Due Bar: “It’s becoming a joyful mess of basically doing everything that is forbidden with these robots”

Creative Applications, “Sunny Side Up – Sunrise to sunset, the measures time and robotics”
Designboom: “Sunny Side Up, an artificial sun reproducing the archaic typology of sundial developed by AATB”
Digital Trends: “Forget clocks — this giant robotic sundial is the coolest timepiece ever”
Gizmodo “Someone Used a Robot to Fix the Biggest Problem With Sun Dials: the Sun”


Unfold X, Seoul, KR
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL
FHNW, Basel, CH
DHBW, Ravensburg, DE
FuBu, ZHDK, Zürich, CH
Kunsthalle Bümpliz, HKB, Bern, CH
ECAL, Lausanne, CH

Circolo del Design, Torino, IT
ZHDK, Zürich, CH
Centrale Marseille, FR 
APS Museum, Shanghai, CN, Online
Fonts and Faces, Paris, FR Online
EPFL, Lausanne, CH, Online
ETH, Zurich, CH, Online
Weißensee academy of art Berlin DE, Online
Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg, DE, Online
Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, DE, Online
University of Düsseldorf, DE, Online 

Hyper Island, Stockholm, SE, Online
Querblicke Spezial, FHNW, Basel, CH, Online
Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design, Halle, DE, Online
SWISS CREATIVE TALK VOL. 7: Creativity and the New Normal – Augmented Reality and Robotics Meet Dance and Contemporary Art, with: Gilles Jobin (choreographer and filmmaker), Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks), Naohiro Ukawa (SUPER DOMMUNE), Yukiko Shikata (curator and critic) and AATB (online)
Digital Humans, Refresh Festival #3, ZHDK, Zurich School of the Arts, Zurich, CH
LASER Talks Rio de Janeiro Art and science for the construction of a “new better”, LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous), co-organized by Fiocruz,  PUC-RIO and swissnex Brazil. LASER is a programme of Leonardo/the International Society for the Arts, Science and Technology. Rejane Spitz, LASER co-host and Full Professor at the Department of Art & Design at Rio de Janeiro Catholic University (PUC-Rio), will moderate a discussion between AATB, and Clarissa Ribeiro, architect, media artist and researcher, to discuss how the synergies between art and science are shaping a new, and hopefully better future. (online)
Digital Learning Journey IV: Robotik und Kreativwirtschaft (online)
TAAALKS 2020: Challenging Boundaries, Munich, DE, with Int Magic, Yehwan Song, TRAUM INC, Tim Rodenbröker, RNDR Studio, Zach Lieberman (Online)
Kein Kino, ZHDK, Zurich School of the Arts, CH (online)
Handshake: Robotics and Intuitive Interaction w/ Masahiko Inami, Ph.D. — Advisor to the President, Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo and Kate Darling — Leading expert in Robot Ethics. Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (online)
Handshake: Robotics and the Human Touch Featuring AATB, and four industry experts from Switzerland and the US, including moderator Steven Rader, Deputy Manager at the NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), along with: Roland Siegwart — Founding Co-Director from the Wyss Institute Zurich, Switzerland, Andra Keay—Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics in California, USA, Jamie Paik—Associate Professor at the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, (online)
Handshake: A Conversation On Non-Industrial Robots between Roddy Schrock and AATB (online)
Swiss Design at SF Design Week, San Francsico, US (online)
European Robotics Forum, Opening Keynote, Malaga, ES
Sustainability by Design: Innovation for a Circular Economy, Swissnex San Francisco, US
Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux, FR

V&A, Dundee, UK
Reijkaviik Academy of the Arts, IS
ESDM Marseille, FR

TEDx Canebière, Marseille, FR
Typo Labs, Typo Berlin, DE