366 Degrees of Freedom

366 Degrees of Freedom
Date: 8.8—9.8.23
Institution: Locarno Film Festival
Location: Locarno, CH

Two workshop of each half a day with teenagers during the Locarno Film Festival.

We are pleased to invite you to an exciting and creative workshop as part of the Locarno Film Festival! The artist duo AATB offers you the unique opportunity to make a future experience: create your own films in a human x technology collaboration. Explore new imaginaries that unfold when we connect human vision and machine vision. Let industrial robots shoot your videos. And immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the future of filmmaking!

In this interactive workshop you will be guided by robotics experts. You'll get the chance to work with real industrial robots but use them in new, unexpected ways. Together we will develop ideas to bring your visions to life. You will learn how to control camera movements, build scenes and create your own video clips. The clips will be screened later as part of Locarno Film Festival.