AATB × Raeburn

Redefining Newness

AATB × Raeburn
Year: 2020
Institution: Raeburn
Location: London, UK

In collaboration with RÆBURN
Christopher Raeburn: Creative Director
Randolph Turpin: Senior Designer
Charlotte Elliott: Junior Designer & Development Assistant
Mikha Mekler: Production Manager
Carl Neumann: Production Coordinator
David Segal: Digital & Creative Content Manager

AATB: Concept, development and production
Production assistants: Gabrielle Laurin, Aline Abou Serhal

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Raeburn Round-Up
Raeburn Press Release
The Next Cartel
Redefining Newness

RÆJUVENATE is a reaction to our unique times – the decision to cut back on the product we produce and optimise what we already have. This season’s collection is just that; an opportunity to RÆJUVENATE the materials gifted from the past, restored for the future. Thinking differently. Doing Differently.

RÆBURN partnered with AATB – the result — an edit of the RÆDUCED 100% Organic Cotton Interlock T-Shirts and Laundered garments designed exclusively by AATB. Rejuvenating their existing stock with spray painted dapple motifs, each design is unique and individually printed by robotic arms.