Art meets Robotics

An encounter between AATB and Hannes Mayer

Art meets Robotics
Date: 31.12.21
Institution: Pro Helvetia
Location: Zürich, CH

with Hannes Mayer, senior researcher
at Gramazio Kohler Research

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An encounter between AATB and Hannes Mayer

In this episode, the AATB collective and senior researcher Hannes Mayer explore in a first-time meeting the concept of non-industrial robotics as well as their common ambitions for a successful future collaboration.

From artistic residencies to field trips to glaciers, from astronomical observatories to artist’s studios : Pro Helvetias conversations between artists and members of the scientific community and discover how these different fields collaborate and inspire each other.

« Art meets… » is the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia’s first podcast series : seven episodes offer seven different encounters between an artist and a scientist around themes like astronomy, smell research, polar science, environmental science, biohacking and robotics.

This podcast is launched within the frame of the Foundation’s «Art, Science and Technology» focus area for the time period 2021–2024, which supports the collaboration and production between the three fields, seeking to deepen the connection between scientific research and artistic practice.

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