BioMedia Publication

The Age of Media with Life-like Behaviour

BioMedia Publication
Year: 2022
Institution: ZKM
Location: Karlsruhe, DE

Curators: Peter Weibel, Sarah Donderer, Daria Mille
Curatorial assistance: Beatrice Zaidenberg
Technical project management: Marc Schütze
Concept, Design & Development: AATB
Production assistant: Edda Rabold
Prop Design: Eva Jauss

With the generous support of Pro Helvetia.

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The Age of Media with Life-like Behaviour

The exhibition Biomedia at the ZKM deals with dynamic systems in art and science that exhibit life-like behavior. These media use artificial intelligence and generative algorithms to exhibit a wide variety of characteristics of life, far beyond movement, mark the beginning of a new era. In addition to our natural fellow beings, such as plants and animals, humanity is creating new artificial fellow beings. Against the backdrop of the anthropogenic ecological crisis, we have to arrive at the conclusion that life on this planet can only take place in the form of mutual dependencies and entanglements between different life forms, from bacteria to these new artificial entities – that is, in symbiosis.

The exhibition at the ZKM was spatially extended by a satellite presentation in the foyer of the EnBW headquarters. Four installations were exhibited that continue different aspects of BioMedia.

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