Tangible bits

Year: 2015
Institution: SUPSI
Location: Lugano, CH
Tangible bits

16 printed circuit boards (10x10cm PCB, white soldermask), blue thermochromatic pigment, power supply.

Bitshift explores the physical manifestation of a digital signal bit shifting along autonomous modules. Each module integrates electronic on the back-side able to register an input signal. When triggered, each module switches on an integrated heating pattern traced on its front-side. When reaching 37°c, the blue thermochromatic pigment turns transparent, revealing the white undercoating. After executing the heating sequence, a pulse is sent to the next module. The pigment eventually fades back to blue as it cools down. Video speed: 10x.

Shown during Re-Programmed Art: An Open Manifesto at Swiss Institute in Milan, IT. Now part of the US Embassy in Bern art collection.

Installation view and all files available on Github.

Installation view at Istituto Svizzero, Milano, © Thibault Brevet