Date: 2.6.22
Institution: ECAL
Location: Lausanne, CH

"Digilunch" is a series of conferences on digital culture for the ECAL and HEAD – Genève. The objective is to present in a synthetic and didactic way the stakes of different technologies, and to show their interest for pedagogy and professionalization.

Attended by an audience of mostly neophytes, the goal of these presentations is to give a simple introduction to the topic. The lectures are given by speakers who are in direct contact with the two institutions (alumni, assistants, professors). At the end of each lecture, the audience is invited to question the speakers in order to open the discussion and understand the proposed theme better. Each session, alternating between the two universities, consists of a 25 minutes presentation, followed by 20 minutes of questions. The sessions were broadcasted in live stream and are available for replay.

The project was financed within the framework of the priority project "Teaching in the digital age" and in particular the ROCs@HES-SO device of the Design and Visual Arts domain.