Wrap it up

Wrap it up
Date: 16.12—20.12.19
Institution: SUPSI
Location: Lugano, CH

There are a limited number of printing techniques available today for designers. Inkjet, Laserjet, Offset, Silkscreen and a few more compose the common basis for any printed matter. The workshop will focus on developing new, experimental and alternative printing techniques with a 6-axis industrial robotic arm. Opening the way to computerized hand tools: pens, brushes, stamps; each unique process will involve deconstructing hand gestures into robotic motion commands able to reproduce precise movements utilizing the chosen tools and techniques. Once digitized, the hand tools will be use alongside some generative and algorithmic processes to create unique patterns, finally applied to produce wrapping paper. The collection of visual and printed material will be exhibited at the end of the week.

Students will work in teams of two, previous knowledge of the Processing programming environment is a plus, but a basic introductory course will be given. Students should bring any tools of interest that they might find interesting to develop customized printing techniques.