When digital gets physical

Year: 2012
Institution: ECAL
Location: Lausanne, CH
First tests
When digital gets physical

Grand Central is a large-scale on/offline installation. A custom-designed mechanical pen-plotter is connected to a website where visitors, local and remote, can leave anonymous messages. The apparatus will immediately start printing any messages received, tracing a collective physical artefact out of the intangible data stream.

Vienna Design Week, AT
Milan Design Week, IT
Tokyo Design Week, JP
Design Museum, UK
La Poste, FR
Les Urbaines, CH
Swiss Design Awards, CH

“ I am fascinated with the relationship that is created between virtual networks and the world. I developed a platform that works basically as a guestbook. People can access a webpage where they can openly submit text or images. The flow of messages is written in real time on a large custom-made plotter working like a cash-register. In recent years I have become very interested in the creative use of technology enabled by rapid prototyping techniques. I think it is important to keep control of our work environment, therefore I always try to develop my own tools adapted for each different project. “ Grand-Central ” for me is the culmination of my research as I was able to mix all the different aspects I love to play with ” Thibault Brevet